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Elements Used by a Luxury Interior Designer Photos

Today, we’re going to take a brief look at four elements that you’ll find a luxury interior designer using as they create a bold, beautiful interior. If you can correctly use these four elements in your own design, you should be able to create your own luxury interior. 

Rich Textures 
The best interior designers in London tend to use rich textures to help them create their magnificent designs. From soft, fur throws to textured wall coverings, you’ll find texture used strategically throughout luxury interior designs to create visual interest. However, it’s important to balance different textures in order to make sure that you’re not overwhelming people entering a space. If you wish to incorporate rich textures into your interior, take the time to make sure that the textures you choose complement each other. 

Bold Colours 
Bold colours are often used by interior designers in London to create a strong, visual focus in a room. Generally, a luxury interior designer will choose a neutral colour palette for the majority of a room and use splashes of bold colour to create visual interest and focus. 
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